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How often do our employees get WHIMS certified?

Our staff takes the WHIMS course every 6 months


Are your cleaners covered by Worker's Compensation?

All of our cleaners are covered to ensure that you are not held financially responsible if a cleaner gets injured in your home.


Are your cleaners insured and bonded?

All of the staff members at Advantage Cleaning Company are insured and bonded.  You are protected if anything gets accidentally damaged or goes missing.


Do your cleaners have valid police clearance certificates?

 Yes, our staff members have all been cleared by the police.faqs RC


Do your cleaners bring all the necessary supplies and equipment?

Yes, all of our cleaners bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment.  Advantage saves you time and money, you only supply the house and the dirt.


If your cleaner is ill will he/she be replaced with another cleaner?

If the cleaner who is supposed to clean your house calls in sick, Advantage has plenty of staff so you are not stranded when you are counting on a job being done.


 Advantage Cleaning Company Ltd., has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2010


Please feel free to contact them for a reference.